In the past the kitchen was just where meals magically came from and dirty dishes disappeared to. Now the kitchen is also the family gathering place and where kids do homework while enjoying a snack. It is where friends gather to enjoy a glass of wine while eating dinner. This is where families come together to work on Thanksgiving and holiday meals while sharing stories.

Kitchens are the new statement piece of every home. They are created and recreated to show different styles and arrangements and to fully utilize the space. Hidden pantries and soft closing drawers and cabinets help to hide the clutter and noise of the kitchens in the past. Shelves for your cook books and islands of any size can be created in any new kitchen. There no longer are ordinary kitchens only extraordinary kitchens - where all feel welcome to come and talk or help with cooking. This has become everyones new happy place in their homes. Let our KB designers help you to create the perfect Happy Place in your home.


To most, the bathroom is a room to shower and brush teeth. It has a long and dirty history, with sordid events occurring behind its closed doors. But, when you really look at it, amazing things happen in any bathroom. It’s where your baby might get their first bath, where your daughter will get ready for prom, or even where you will go to just unwind after a long day at work.

Our modern bathrooms evoke feelings of tranquility by showering in your own private oasis with the introduction of frameless glass shower walls and doors. As well as we can create zero entry showers and even separate the toilet from the main bathroom area if you like. We can design and create a tranquil oasis for you and we can create the bathroom of your dreams. Just give KB Designs a call and we can create with you.

Kb Bath Design


KB Design & Remodel has over 25 years of combined experience servicing Gainesville, Florida and the surrounding areas. We have extensive knowledge and experience in Architecture and Interior Design, as well as, Construction and Project Management.

We can help guide you through the entire planning and implementation of a remodel or new construction for your bathroom or kitchen.  You can have the space you have always wanted, we can help you make it happen.


From kitchens to bathrooms, from floors to lighting, we can handle all of your remodeling needs.
Project Management

On time delivery of a project begins and ends with the management.  At KB Design our experience and expertise continues from beginning to end on every project.


Stability in modern construction means a finished product that will last and keep you happy for years to come.

Interior Design

From colors to backsplashes, we know design and style. Modern? Traditional? Grand? No matter your desire, we can make it happen.

Cultivating Ideas

Sometimes all you know is that you are ready for a change.  We have fresh ideas and past experience to help you realize the remodel you want. After completion we are always available to our customers to answer any questions that may arise after their new remodel is completed.

Cost & Expectations

Construction and Remodeling can get expensive.  We excel at managing and communicating all cost and time expectations to keep you in the know, and without the shock of surprise.

Lasting Results

We stand by our work with every project.  We want you to love your remodel now, and for years to come. We strive for absolute customer satisfaction and communication is always on the fore front of all of our projects.


At KB Design and Remodel we do business with all premier Vendors. We can supply you with exactly the fittings, fixtures and appliances that meet your style, your life and your budget.


We strive for a no-pressure approach to business. We are happy to answer questions and get your project going on your remodel at your speed. Feel free to contact us how you feel most comfortable, Call, click or stop by.


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